SFPOC specializes in the design and manufacture of overhead ground composite (OPGW) cables.


Composit Fiber Optic Overhead Ground Wire(OPGW) is a composite overhead optical groundwire that provides high capacity communication channels to service present and future needs.
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Steel Tube encased in an Aluminum Tube
Composit Fiber Optic Overhead Ground Wire(OPGW) is a composite overhead optical groundwire that provides high capacity communication channels to service present and future needs.

SFPOC-DUALTM is a compact OPGW design with excellent short circuit current capacity and mechanical strength.
The SFPOC-DUALTM construction consists of a sealed inner stainless steel tube encased in an aluminum sealed tube. This design is well suited for highly corrosive environments without requiring the use of anti-corrosive grease.

The dual tube design offers greater crush and mechanical protection to the fibers from environmental effects. Single wire layer designs allow for larger outer metallic wires, offering excellent lightning performance.

SFPOC provides with its products a comprehensive range of services, including OPGW hardware, installation supervision, type testing and training.


Optical Design Features
SFPOC-DUALTM provides the type and number of optical fibers needed to meet customer's specific requirements while complying to ITU-T Standards.
SFPOC-DUALTM features optical fibers placed loosely in a hermetically sealed stainless steel tube covered with aluminum layer containing a gel filling compound to form an optical unit.
The optical tibers have low signal attenuation and wide band width allowing for long distance, high capacity communication.
Optical fibers are free from crosstalk and are not subjected to electromagnetic interference and polarization. They provide secure high quality signal transmission.


Groundwire Design Features
Aluminum-Clad Steel and Aluminum Alloy wires are stranded around a central optical unit.
The Aluminum-Clad Steel wires and Aluminum Alloy wires provide the mechanical strength to withstand installation and operating condition, while achieving the conductivity needed to control temperature rise during short circuit fault conditions.


OPGW Metric Imperial Metric Imperial
Fiber Count 48 24
Nominal Size 174mm² 0.270in² 77mm² 0.119in²
Overall Diameter 17.4mm 0.685in 11.7mm 0.461in
Nominal Weight 592kg/km 0.398lb/ft 445kg/km 0.299lb/ft
Min. Tensile Strength 6625kgf 14608lbs 7000kgf 15435lbs
Modulus of Elasticity 75554Mpa 10954kpsi 128859Mpa 18682kpsi
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 19.9×10-6/℃ 11.1×10-6/℉ 14.1×10-6/℃ 7.8×10-6/℉
DC Resistance at 20℃ 0.206ohm/km 0.332ohm/mile 0.699ohm/km 1.125ohm/mile
Fault Current Capacity(Ambient=40℃) 280kA²s 42kA²s


OPGW Metric Imperial
Fiber Count 48
Nominal Size 49mm² 0.076in²
Overall Diameter 10.48mm 0.413in
Nominal Weight 333kg/km 0.224lb/ft
Min. Tensile Strength 4900kgf 10800lbs
Modulus of Elasticity 130000Mpa 18490kpsi
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 14.0×10-6/℃ 7.8×10-6/℉
DC Resistance at 20℃ 0.96ohm/km 1.54ohm/mile
Fault Current Capacity(Ambient=40℃) 25kA²s

Note: The above are some representative designs. OPGW can be custom designed to meet specific requirement of diameter, weight, rated breaking strength and fault current capacity for a project.

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