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SFPOC specializes in the design and manufacture of OPGW, and provides OPGW sales, metal fittings, technical support, installation training, after-sales service and supervision.



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  Suzhou Furukawa Power Optic Cable Co., Ltd. (SFPOC) was registered in Fenhu Economic & Technology Development Zone, Wujiang, Jiangsu province in June 2002. SFPOC is a joint venture invested by Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. (FEC) and Etern Group Co., Ltd. with total investment about 15 million US dollars. The controlling share of SFPOC is held by the FEC in Japan. SFPOC specializes in OPGW design, manufacturing, sales, accessories, technical supporting, installation training and comprehensive after service. There is an advanced production line for hermitically sealed stainless steel tube optical fiber unit. The max number of optical fiber cores of OPGW is 144. Up to date, Annual production to be 15,000km per year with 5 high speed tubing lines(3 SUS tube welding and 2 aluminum tubing) and 10 stranders(2 from Canada and 8 from local made). 

  SFPOC designs and manufactures OPGW through fully adopting technique from the FEC. Our most advanced production equipments and test instruments are respectively introduced from Japan, Canada, America, Finland and so on. SFPOC strictly implements QC system in accordance with ISO9001-2000 and Environment management system in accordance with ISO14001-2004. 

  Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. in Japan, founded in 1884, is a famous multinational corporation in the field of wires and cables.  The FEC has 53 owned capital or joint venture companies. The FEC purchased the LUCENT's factory of optical fibers with 2.7 billion dollars at the end of 2001. Up to now, the FEC's sales are the second on the optical fiber and cable worldwide. From 1982 to 2003, the FEC has supplied OPGW about 50,000 kilometers worldwide, and more than 8,000 kilometers in China.

  Type Test Approval by Kinectrics of Canada as the first Chinese OPGW manufacturer clearing all required test including lightening.The first Chinese IPGW manufacturer to USA, Canada and Australia, and its supply being on upturn momentum due to its high quality and technology having incorporated years of expertise accumulated by FEC and its Canadian affiliate, PFI all around the world with our total aggregate supply record of 50,000km of OPGWNew products and technologies for making dual tube(SUS+AL) based OPGW and trapezoidal shaped OPGW for better performance.Total design, manufacturing and quality control by the Japanese engineers for serving the customers around globe under the Japanese state of art technology.

  Founded in June 2002, SFPOC has achieved Quality Authentication in 2003; achieved ISO9001-2000 authorized by Moody International; achieved Quality Audit by National Power Telecommunication Center in January, 2004 and achieved Certificate of Power Equipment Permission; won bidding some OPGW items at home and abroad, which has finally realized the application of OPGW technology in China.

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